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Nyk de Vries (1971) was born in Friesland, a province in the northern part of the Netherlands. He is a writer and musician. Since 2000 he has written two novels and a collection of flash fiction, Motorman & 39 andere prozagedichten (Motorman & 39 other prose poems).

De Vries’ regular performances of his ultra short stories are characterised by a forceful style of delivery. Usually supported by music, he has appeared on a variety of stages, from literary and theatrical festivals to the pop circuit. For 2010 he was scheduled to appear at the renowned poetry festival Poetry International in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. All his work has been published in both Frisian and in Dutch. Some of his texts have been translated into Spanish and English. In 2010 he performed in New York and Boston, and in Cork, Ireland, at the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival.

He is currently working on a new collection and an album, the CD version of his Motorman collection. Nyk de Vries lives and works in Amsterdam.

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