(In the Same Instant)

 Artvark Saxophone Quartet & Nyk de Vries 



'A super match – the chemistry and fun in between
poet and musicians could be heard, felt and seen.'

(visitor Poetry International Rotterdam)


Harmonious and at the same time bleak and growling. Artvark and poet Nyk de Vries alternate between raw and poetic in 'Tagelyk'. 'Tagelyk', Frisian for 'In the Same Instant', brings together two worlds in surprising ways, music and spoken word. De Vries' lyrics form a mosaic of characters – from a paternal Rotterdam bus driver to a mother waiting at home for her radicalising son. The different people seem to have little to do with each other. Or are they, in their thoughts, actually close to each other?
In spring 2023, 'Tagelyk' will be released as an album and book in one. This will be followed by a series of live concerts.



summer, autumn, winter 2023




Tibor Elferink
management & productie